About Brazil Business Today

This Brazil Business media monitoring service is used by thousands of companies, institutions and global professionals worldwide who need to identify up-to-the-minute news on topics vital to their businesses from more than 7,300 worldwide sources.

Brazil Business Today is a news analysis and monitoring service for business leaders and global professionals worldwide who need up-to-the-minute information related to Brazil. Our media monitoring service scans more than 7,000 sources of information worldwide, and our on-the-ground team in Brazil ensures that you are getting the most relevant content on the world's seventh largest economy - including analysis of news and events not reported in English.

With expertise in the complexities of emerging markets, Brazil Business Today editor Phillip Lee provides analysis of the news and events in Brazil important to foreign investors and the larger business community. Phillip has had a distinguished twenty year career in mergers & acquisitions, strategic market entry and financial management, earned in some of the fastest growing economies on the planet.

Brazil Business Today is a publication of EIN News, a pioneering innovator of proprietary news technology. Combining both intelligent search technologies and the human element, EIN News stands above the rest as the most efficient, yet personalized, news service available anywhere. Established in 1995, EIN News began by supplying business professionals and individuals with relevant and interesting news products. It has grown to become the largest digital news provider in Europe.

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