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Napoleon Hill Foundation CEO Don Green, Commends Krystylle Richardson for bringing Life Innovation Global ™ to the world

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Global Innovation Forum ICN Trailblazer Photo

Krystylle Richardson, Global Innovation Leader & Wealth Innovation Strategist promotes creativity, innovative entrepreneurship, and positive change worldwide

Innovation begins when we unleash our minds from the troubles of the world, and let the glory of God shine through as he intended from our day one.”
— Krystylle Richardson
GILBERT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2022 / -- On January 13, 2022 @ 7a.m. MST and 9a.m. EST, Don Green the CEO of Napoleon Hill Foundation will give the virtual welcoming address to commission the worldwide delegation of Life Innovation Global ™. This initiative is founded by Krystylle Richardson, Global Innovation Leader & Wealth Innovation Strategist who promotes creativity, innovative entrepreneurship, civility and positive change worldwide.

History will be made for this delegation as they impact the world through the innovative initiatives with delegation partners from America, and 7 different countries across Africa. Don Green will give the motivational opening address to the delegates on Thursday morning, which will be broadcast worldwide on e360TV on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, YouTube as well as the recording used on JD3TV for future viewing and inspiration. The delegations will all use the book written by Napoleon Hill entitled “Think and Grow Rich”. In addition to this historic yet timely masterpiece, they will also use customized study guides and online courses created by Krystylle, plus other published materials. Don Green is a close friend and colleague of Krystylle and has supported her through the years as a guest on her radio shows on Voice America called Soaring with Eagles, her Mindset Summits, and is the featured writer of her forward in a new book that she is launching this year regarding public speaking. Don has mentioned how thrilled he is about the book and was happy to participate in the induction of the Life Innovation Global ™ delegation. He also stated that he is excited to have her share with the world what he has already read and learned in her book. Krystylle is the author of numerous international best-selling books, and once this one is published it will be a part of the delegation’s curriculum as well. The delegates from across Africa have already embraced the vision of Life Innovation Global ™ and have started sending in their current skillset lists and desired learning outlines. This is very exciting for Krystylle and her team as it makes it easier to visualize the total need for this 2022 season. It also helps them to understand what the delegates can give back as part of this philanthropy initiative. Krystylle believes that the give and give back model that Life Innovation Global ™ employees is a strong key component of infusing sustainability in local and global economies. Krystylle explains that the program is not free, there are time and bartering components that teach business and investment principles as well as help with real life examples on how to operate on both the left and right side of your brain and the cash flow quadrant.

Krystylle Richardson, Global Innovation Leader & Wealth Innovation Strategist was inducted as the I Change Nations (ICN) Global Ambassador of Innovation at the end of 2020 under the leadership of The Development King for the Ekumfi Kuotukwa Kingdom in Ghana, Africa HRH Dr Clyde Rivers, Founder of ICN. Krystylle formed Life Innovation Global ™ under his leadership and comprised the delegation being honored on January 13th. The delegation is made up of an advisory board as part of Krystylle’s Global Innovation Forum, the Life Innovation “6-Figure Accountability Forum” with delegates from across America, and the “Nex Gen Ambassadors of Innovation” from various countries throughout Africa as a start. The program is designed to help adults, young adults and youth, to tap into their creativity, and re-imagine their lives aligned with abundance. Krystylle explodes and expands their thinking to challenge them to think bigger during her 5-step process which includes laying the Foundation for their Dreams, then going through Evaluation, Eviction, Elevation and Execution. No matter the wealth level, she first evaluates everyone for the robustness of their Wealth Profile Index Score ™ using her trademarked technique and strategy called Element10 ™. She believes that everyone should at least have 10 streams of income while on their path to Unleashing their Freedom Formula ™ and Designing Their Wealth Formula ™. Krystylle Richardson and her entire team are very excited to have this first set of delegates go through this program which is designed to take to best parts of her previous Echelon Leadership Institute curriculum from the past 5 years and adding new Wealth Mastery, and Media Mastery elements as well. Krystylle believes that no matter what your message, or what life has sent your way, the world likely has someone who needs to hear it. She believes that there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people who need to hear that message so they can unleash their minds, faith, focus and financial freedoms. Krystylle infuses the art and mindset of innovation in everything that she does, including finding creative ways for people to not only discover income streams, but to build sustainable business models in the process. This allows for a lifetime of financial freedom and a means to give back in their communities and the world, based on their hearts desires and God's leading.

As an awarded and honored humanitarian, missionary and philanthropist, Krystylle’s hearts-desire is the serve God and his people, by providing the tools to help each person become the best version of themselves and not live in lack. Many delegates have spoken about money blocks, mindset barriers, self-esteem and confidence battles. This initiative provides tools to deal with and element those foundational issues that hold many people back from achieving their dreams, goals and establishing legacy in their bloodlines. This delegation also helps her to provide that service to humanity and keep a promise she made to God. Krystylle had a sleep disorder in her teens, young adult and even as an adult (years ago). This caused her to fall asleep while driving on numerous occasions in the past. She has stated that she thanked God for allowing her to live and said that she would serve like never before, with urgency and fire, because he saw fit to allow her to still be here. Krystylle does just that each and every day. She works in the healthcare industry during the day, and during early mornings, evenings, and weekends follows her passion to help as many as she can through her and her husband’s non-profit and her coaching services. Krystylle’s goal is to become the world-leading driving force for innovative thinking and the go to organization for companies looking for innovative minds. She pours into others so they can become future coaches. She believes this will allow her to wake up innovation in others, and duplicate her God-given gifts in others. Together we can all build nations that have long-lasting sustainability through creativity, civility and innovation across cities, villages, states, countries and every continent.

One of her billionaire friends called her their mentor, along with other multi-millionaire and high-income earners who seek out her advice and mentorship. She is sought after to speak on stages worldwide and to write in numerous book projects to teach, train, and motivate their teams on creativity, leadership, mindset and wealth strategies.

Wealth Innovation Coach, Krystylle Richardson is the energized creator of Element10™, a creativity to cashflow incubator that helps you do a better job of getting to 10 streams of income quicker. She is the ICN Global Ambassador of Innovation, the founder of Life Innovation Global ™, wealth advisor, TV show host, pastor, best-selling author, Six-Sigma Green Belt, Engineer and invention/design advisor. Krystylle uses relentless tenacity to move individuals and corporations to sustainable profitability as The JUMPOLOGIST aka The Untapped Income Coach. She is the founder of The JUMP Millionaire Billionaire Alliance where she shares her interviews and personal insights from her network of 7 Figure earners built over the past 5 years. Krystylle was bullied which caused her to dig deep to create a higher sense of self-love and purpose. She prayed for God to help her in her search for what she needed and found out others needed the same. She developed a focus on being well-rounded related to health, wealth, confidence, spirituality and understanding the elements needed to build the legacy we all likely desire. Krystylle is a Healthcare Executive by day and a Wealth and Innovation Strategist every other waking hour. As part of the parent entity of Life Innovation Global that teaches in 7 areas of life, she also created EMERGE Media Mastery as well as other Innovation online courses to help her individual clients and corporations. She has shared with USA Today, Yahoo Finance, NBC, CBS, ABC, Think & Grow Rich Legacy World Tour Producers, Hollywood Glam, Amazon Prime, Thrive Global, Voyage Phoenix and many other international publications and media outlets highlighted on JD3TV, e360TV, Voice America and numerous other platforms. Her main focus is pleasing God as a servant leader. Krystylle has spoken in over 30 countries LIVE. She lives out loud and thanks God for allowing her to have an impact while living out her gap and having a blast, teaching others to do the same. Krystylle has been married for 30 years to her wonderful husband, has 2 beautiful adult daughters and loves creativity and the tech sides of life. Life Innovation Global ™ helps all delegates to be well rounded, just as she has been told that she is.

Krystylle Richardson, Global Innovation Leader & Wealth Innovation Strategist is excited about the virtual induction ceremony with CEO Don Green. She is super thrilled to have the delegation take their places as ambassadors as they learn and execute their life-long plans to re-imagine their lives aligned with abundance, through innovation, entrepreneurship and positive change worldwide. Please join her in welcoming Don Green and congratulating the delegates of Life Innovation Global ™.

Krystylle Richardson
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